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At age five the discovery of MTV inspired relentless begging for a guitar of my own. After the first night of singing at the top of my lungs and strumming my crappy nylon string.. I was hooked!  I’m a kid of divorce, born in Sth Wales and raised in tropical Australia. I dropped out of high school and ran away when I was sixteen. I started traveling the world with my songs, my Martin guitar and a dream in my heart. After many journeys back and forth across the Pacific and I found my home in Nashville Tennessee. Now I’m twenty two, living alone in a big city and trying to navigate through this thing called ‘adulting’.  By the way, I’m having the time of my life!

Through it all, the one thing that has always made complete sense to me and made me feel understood... is music. I yearn to make others feel that way through my own songs.


I’m pouring my story into my songs. The good, the bad, the glitter, the grime and the brutal truth. I'm going towards the fear and it feels amazing. Because before anything, I’m a songwriter. I have stories to tell and there’s music in me that cannot be stopped.